Upendo Junior School

  Kiminini, Kitale-Webuye Road, Kenya


Thank you to everyone who supported the water appeal!

Thanks to many generous donors the funding target for the water project has very nearly been reached.

Lack of clean and safe water remains a big problem at the school. The children have either to fetch water from the local River Kiminini, or from the neighbors’ boreholes. This takes up valuable time that could be spend in the classroom. There used to be a well in the school, but this has since dried up as it was a temporary measure and too shallow.

Water availability remains one of the school’s priorities and drilling of the borehole is already underway with plans to purchase a water pump and storage tanks. Teachers have complained of teaching children to wash their hands after using the toilet yet this cannot happen in the absence of water in the school. Indeed the teachers themselves do not wash their hands after visiting the toilets! We need water for cooking, drinking and construction purposes in future.


digging the bore hole
Digging the borehole