Upendo Junior School

  Kiminini, Kitale-Webuye Road, Kenya

Teaching Staff

Initially the school relied on volunteer teachers. With time, however, it became necessary to hire paid teachers in order to meet the growing demand for qualified teachers given the increase in enrolment. However, given that UJS is a charitable institution depending on the input of the founders and well wishers, the salary paid to teacher sis comparatively low and hence a number of the teachers have had to leave the school in search of greener pastures either with the government or in other private academies. A reliable teaching staff is necessary for stability and in helping us establish the school culture based on the core values. Frequent staff turnover not only demoralizes the children but is unfortunately inevitable given the low pay. If the school were able to pay fair salaries comparable to that paid by the local private schools, then we would be able to retain excellent teachers for the benefit of the children.